2008 Toyota Vitz vs Mazda Demio

Toyota and Mazda have been offering the benchmark vehicles in the supermini class for decades, determinedly upgrading their vehicles to meet the evolving needs of their customer base.

Two of the best offerings the automakers have created are the Mazda Demio and the Toyota Vitz.

The 2008 Mazda Demio and the 2008 Toyota Vitz are both well regarded by professional reviewers and the owner’s who drive them daily.

The Demio features a sleeker look than the Vitz; however, the Toyota Vitz has a lower drag coefficient for better aerodynamics and improved fuel efficiency.

The interior of the Toyota Vitz is designed with a small family or commuters in mind, making no pretense to offer deep luxury, yet providing the comforts needed for an extended trip anywhere in Japan.

Both the 2008 Toyota Vitz and the 2008 Mazda Demio are available as three and five-door hatchbacks.

The 2008 Toyota Vitz is a very fuel efficient car.

Overall, the 2008 Toyota Vitz is the better vehicle if you are most interested in fuel efficiency or need the most cabin space possible.

Likewise, the 2008 Mazda Demio is the perfect car for drivers who want above average fuel economy, but want responsive acceleration.


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