How Rogue Matatu Drivers Take Advantage of Women Seated Next To Them

If you are a regular male user of Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) which in Kenya we simply regard to as matatus, you may have noticed a weird behaviour by some matatu drivers.

I say male users because if you are a lady, you may not be quick to notice and may never notice anyway unless you are a keen observer.

The weird and crazy behaviour in question and which many male passengers have fallen victim of is when you want to sit on the front seat, the driver stops you saying that the two seats or the one next to him has/have occupant(s).

Since you are a cool gentleman, you will oblige and seek an alternative seat elsewhere in the matatu. But who are these unseen ‘occupants’ that even a matatu arriving at the stage from the opposite direction, will have the driver serve you (male passenger) with the same garbage that you have heard too many times and elsewhere?

The truth is that a regular and keen observation coupled with an analytical mind will tell you that the two seats will usually have no occupants who had come ahead of you and the driver is simply reserving them for random female passengers.

But why female passengers? Well, it is not that they will pay more than you will but the driver needs them there to satisfy his gargantuan lust (kukula kwa macho) as the matatu rolls on with the journey.

The most preferred females, some male passengers who have fallen victim of this unwritten rule say, are the beautiful types, the skimpily dressed and those with well endowed mammary features that the driver suggestively touches them as he shifts gears or while on a rough patch of the road, he pretends to lose balance and lean on the female passenger sitting next to him.

To the crooked matatu drivers, male passengers have finally unearthed your trick. The chicken have indeed come home to roost and next time as a matatu driver you try to ‘sell’ the same narrative to a male passenger, expect some reaction or resistance.

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