Top 10 Cities With The Worst Traffic

he escalating population is the culprit it seems. Why are there so many vehicles on the roads these days that has resulted in the world into congestion? Feels gloomy how the universe is turning into a big mess, being polluted every day, every minute, and every second. Jammed roads, continuous irritation, and delayed meetings, these certainly are the drawbacks of those congested roads. This is the situation of cities with the worst traffic.

The cities with most jammed roads are right here. Let’s see which cities have the worst traffic jams:

Mexico City, Mexico

The city is packed with vehicles, and so are the roads. Mexico City has turned out to be the number one city that has the worst traffic around the world. That’s atrocious- plain and simple! How are the people in the city surviving with so many cars on the roads? Insane it is! How such a petite place has become a home to thousands of vehicles here. Strange- but this is the utter truth- the city is listed on top for being one of the most congested cities around the world.


Bangkok, Thailand

Famous as The Land of Smiles! This is something not that we can say for the people sitting inside their vehicles while being stuck in a jam almost every day. Heaving roads can be witnessed any day and any time of the day, once you are here on the streets of Bangkok, Thailand. Besides, how would you think the road without road signs look like? The roads of Bangkok are perhaps the answer. It is even harder to navigate the destinations, where you want to turn your vehicle to.

Los Angeles, California USA

This is possibly the worst traffic cities in the US. And, efforts to counter the traffic here is almost zilch. Coming to the list of the cities that has worst ever traffic, this one can be given all the credit, as it has topped the ‘worst traffic city list’ in a row. Thanks to those jam-packed streets!

Istanbul, Turkey

This is one city famous for bad traffic. Considering the busy streets of Istanbul, one can clearly state that this is one of the worst traffic cities ever. One must see the roads here in the mornings and evenings. The traffic is so congested that it wastes almost a hundred and twenty hours per year of drivers here.


Moscow, Russia

Even this city is on the list. Yes, Mexico is among those cities that have ended up being in the list of cities with worst traffic. The ring-shaped planned street is unable to control the vehicles here in the city. This road with 14 lanes becomes powerless when it comes to bringing to a halt the traffic. One can witness the worst traffic here on the roads of Moscow.

London, United Kingdom

Driving here from home to workplace and then again to home is nothing less than a punishment here. Some even say that it is one of the most congested cities in Europe, which somewhat is true.

Recife, Brazil

This place is known to take care of all the trade activities of the country. Almost everyone living here would agree that this place has the worst traffic. With all the major businesses set up, large industries, and even schools, this city is always crowded.


Chengdu, China

Keeping in mind the population of China, it is pretty easy to guess this one on the list. Chengdu in China is the worst city known for its traffic. The car moves super slowly in the traffic, making it one of the busiest roads of China. The drivers are familiar with great driving tips, but sometimes it just doesn’t help.

Mumbai, India

Those continuously moving cycles, scooters, cars, and even those buses make the situation worse. During peak hours when people are either leaving for the workplace or coming back home in the evening puts themselves in the worst situation ever- which is sitting in the traffic for hours and hours. The moving vehicle here is almost fictional.

Bogota, Colombia

Now, this is another one of the most jam-packed cities of Colombia. Blame the laid-back approach of traffic laws, which worsens the situation here. Right from constant power cuts to an increasing number of vehicles on the road, everything is responsible for such huge traffic on the roads.

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