Ways to Stop Condensation Inside Car

Wet and cold seasons is annoying to too many people because of the dampness of the outside world. It becomes frustrating when that same problem sneaks inside our four-wheeled friend! Condensation inside car is not only pesky but also expensive too if you don’t know the right solution. I have seen lots of drivers trying to clear this using rags.

Why Does It Happen?

If you want to remove moisture from car, you have to know what causes it in the first place. Warm and humid air gets condensed after coming in contact with a cool surface. When the weather is cold, the warm breath of the driver and passengers meets the cold windshield and window glasses and gets condensed.

It can also happen if there is already something wet or damp in the car gets heat from sunlight. Without a ventilation system, the moisture can’t escape and turn into thick mist and water when touches the glass surface.

Following the tricks below will help you stopping condensation in your vehicle:

1. Turn the Defrost Button ON

It’s the easiest way to keep the vehicle moisture-free. It will switch on both the heat and the AC systems. The AC will clear up moisture from the air and the heating system will keep the interior comfortably warm.

2. Create a Passage for Ventilation

If it’s a sunny day or the weather is warm, leave a couple of windows slightly open while driving. It will keep the interior warm and create a passage for the moisture to get outside. However, don’t do the mistake of keeping the windows open at night. It will make the windshield hazy with dew.

3. Close all windows during wet season

The rainy days are the worst for creating condensation inside car. So, don’t leave the windows or the sunroof open on these days. It will let moisture in and make all the surfaces foggy.

4.Discard all the Wet Items

Leaving damp or wet items such as shoes, clothes, floor carpet, and other things inside is one of the main reasons for condensation inside car. As you already know the cause of foggy glass surfaces, you should remove every source of moisture to keep the glasses clear. Check for coolant leaks and other types of discharge from the vent system, windows, or sunroof. Repair and seal the leaks because these damp thing will create moisture, which will then transform into the fog.

5.Turn off the Re-circulation Valve

Your car certainly has this valve if it has the air conditioning system. Nevertheless, many people don’t have a clue about its position. Well, look for a switch featuring the picture of a C shape with an arrow or a person getting hit in the face by an arrow. It does the job of recycling the inside air and recirculate it. You have to switch it off to allow dry air in from outside and remove the indoor moisture.

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