Which one is worth your money?Toyota Probox Vs Nissan AD Van

Nissan Advan falls under a car that has been available in both station wagon and compact van. It was introduced in 1982 is available till today with a number of facelifts and modifications. The Toyota Probox falls under the light commercial vehicle with 5 door van body. It was introduced in 2002 and is produced till today.

The Toyota Advan is an angular box with front extended like a mouse face. The Year 2010 onwards cars have a touch of sportiness involved creating magic that replicates the comfort and adventure simultaneously. The Toyota Probox, on the other hand, has only a few redesigns making the car ever green since the time it was manufactured 15 years before.

Price and quality

The Nissan AD is quite cheap compared to the Toyota Probox here in Kenya. This is because the Probox is in high demand and thus the higher price. On the other hand the build quality of the Probox is top notch compared to the Nissan AD Van. This is evident where this vehicles are used, the Probox can endure all the abuse from the Kenyan drivers more so in the rural areas. We have seen them carry loads of people and even animals!

Engine Power

Both the vehicles have fine synchronization of body with engine. The inline 4 technology created its magic to give powerful drive making life hassle free. The engines available included 1.2 L, 1.5 L, 1.6 L and 1.8 L respectively in Nissan Advan as compare to 1.3 L, 1.4 L and 1.5 L in Toyota Probox. The transmissions are similar in terms of gear shift options in the two cars. The manual transmission in 5 speed are true touch of being power guard, giving driver the upper hand on machine. The automatic transmission is 4 speed that has less human intervention for stress free drive.


The Toyota Probox being from Toyota has upper hand on Nissan Advan because in Japan the Toyota has a prominent position as compare to Nissan. But when we compare features we see both cars having all the features one could think of for safety, comfort and performance.

Fuel Consumption

Average fuel consumption of Nissan Ad Van is 23mpg while Toyota Prbox gives relatively better fuel consumption, about 27 mpg.

Color Options

Nissan Ad Van is available in white, silver, grey, black, blue and red colors while Probox is available in white, grey, silver and blue colors.

Hence we can say that it truly depends on your choice, though the Toyota Probox can easily win over the Nissan AD Van.

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